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Power yoga is termed as a vigorous fitness based approach of yoga. 
The word “Power” itself define intensity, which this type of yoga involves. It doesn’t have any particular sequence, and having variety makes it different from other forms of yoga. The Moves and exercises have been invented in order to strengthen the whole body and for improvement of person’s willpower. 
At Rhythmic Power Yoga we have combined the concept of yoga, which means "unison with rhythm", with workout, These are basically prepared to burn calories, improve the muscle mass, reduce fat and increase the Basal Metabolic Rate. Usually people feel it is only helpful in weight loss, but It has lots more benefits.
 The Asanas in power yoga are very interesting and different.
 The huge benefits of power yoga making it popular among people
Yoga Workshop
Power Yoga Camp
Yoga Competition
We aim for perfection in yogasanas, pranayams, meditation, power yoga and traditional classical yoga, therapeutic treatment of various ailments like:

Obesity (weight loss, fitness & Full body workout)
Back Pain
Cervical spondylitis
Memory Development
Anger Management
Heart Disease
Eye Problems
Stress Management
Legs Problems
Stomach Ulcers
Mental Ability
Thyroid Problems
Allergies etc.

Our classes are suited for individuals of all ages.

Special Classes

Power Yoga for Weight loss
Advanced yoga
Yoga Classes
Meditation Classes
Facial Yoga
Pranayama and Breathing practice

We can organize group activities, events or workshops for hotels, company's, schools, colleges or customize any kind of health and fitness related activities according to your need.
We also provide services for home coaching or any special treatment needed for personal health and wellbeing.

Any other query is welcome.
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