Mr. Barun Kushwah
Mr. Barun Kushwah is the director & owner of the Institute. Yoga is his passion and he introduces novices for better results. His classes are extremely pleasant, lively and full of rhythm.
He focuses on correct body alignments and flexibility so as to strengthen the body. For him,teaching yoga is an enlightening experiencing leading to an infinite journey in search of clarity and purpose. He completed his yoga teachers' training in the year 2009 and rendered his expertise performances in varied camps in schools & colleges. He has also secured gold medal in yoga Olympiad competitions. He has done his post- graduation in yoga and meditation and an advanced diploma in yoga Instructors course from S-VYASA University, Bangalore. He has been enjoying the path of yoga for the last 16 years.
He believes in consistency and feels that yoga is extremely beneficial not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. He brings a positive energy to his class and we can feel the artistic blend of his professionalism with experience in his classes. He makes Yoga an exceptional journey to experience life in its fullest way.
Dr B. K. Bandre
Dr B. K. Bandre is one of the most distinguished personalities in therapeutic and prophylactic aspects of yoga in India He is the only person in the country to have been awarded a D.Litt in the research on asthma and allergies. He has a Doctorate degree in Yoga Philosophy and is a fellow member of the association of Natural Medicine (U K).
He has studied in-depth about all ailments and therapeutic treatment & has cured innumerable patients' chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, allergies, arthritis, back pain, cervical spondylitis etc. Due to years of in-depth study, he treats his patients with great insight.
Dr. Mukesh Porwal
Dr. Mukesh Porwal is a phenomenal personality, who promises to deliver a practice that is meant for everyone. When you walk out of his class you feel completely De-stressed, fitter and stronger than ever before. He teaches with a great deal of care & compassion and every one receives something positive and greatly beneficial from him. He has done his diploma in yoga education from D.A.V.V. Indore, post graduation in yoga and meditation and yoga certificate course from Divine Life Forest Academy Shivananda Ashram Rishikesh. He has attended various seminars and workshops in yogic studies. He designs his classes creatively and ensures that people transform themselves emotionally and spiritually, into balanced human beings. He has attended various seminars and workshops in yogic studies. He designs his classes creatively and ensures that people transform themselves, emotionally and spiritually, into balanced human beings.
Mr. Kuldeep Kushwah
Mr. Kuldeep Kushwah is a specialist in Classical Yoga, Power Yoga, Astanga Vinyasa and Meditation. He has conducted varied specialized yoga Therapy, Meditation, and Power Yoga Workshops. He is a person with a warm heart who has travelled all over India and is adept in classical yoga. He has been practicing yoga from the age of 15. He first completed his PG Dip in Yoga then did master degree in yoga and meditation and presently doing PhD in Yoga from S- VYASA University, Bangalore. He also has been alumni of Divine Life Forest Academy, Shivananda Ashram Rishikesh). He has firm belief in the message of swami Shivananda BE GOOD, DO GOOD.
He has been rendering his services to thousands of national and international yoga lovers for ten years in various camps, schools, colleges, Universities and Yoga centers and recently has been invited for his yoga teaching from Moscow, Dubai, and Denmark. He has participated in various national, international yoga competitions and conferences and has secured gold medal with many other awards. As a yoga teacher, he facilitates the whole group to perform to their utmost ability. He is energetic and gives his hundred percent with a never ending zeal and perfection.

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